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Impact July 2021

After more than CHF 2,000 had already been collected in February 2021, another CHF 2,368 could now be handed over to the selected projects. This time, fortunately, on site on Lesvos. Photos were again taken of every project we visited on Lesvos. The fire in September 2020 and the current pandemic are clearly leaving their mark. Among other things, we also talk about this in the recorded conversations. Ramin is from Afghanistan and distributes clothes in the Hope Project. Ahmet also fled Afghanistan and spends his time as a barber in One Happy Family. Dawood fled 20 years ago and now lives in Rome. He has been coming back to Lesvos regularly for three years and distributes food with Sant'Egidio. Georgia is a nurse at Kitrinos Healthcare. We talked to her after a night shift at the camp. Last but not least, SOS Méditerrannée, listed as a new project for this Impact. Eva reports on the work of the sea rescue in the central Mediterranean in a Zoom meeting. 
All orders received for this Impact can be accessed here. The persons who have not explicitly excluded "personal recognition" in the shop are also mentioned by name below. The next Impact will be in 2022. The olive oil for this can be ordered from the end of August 2021. 

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One Happy Family - 615 euros

BachserMärt, Festina Januzi, Elvira Kraenzlin, Adrian Rogger, Noelle Keinersdorfer

Ahmet (fake name)
00:00 / 04:12

Sant'Egidio - 462 euros

Camille Haerdi, Festina Januzi, Nils Wolfisberg, Therese Boog Stalder, Renato Blättler, Roman Karakoc, Urs Frey, Adrian Rogger, Peter Kuhn, Christine Zemp Gsponer, Svenja Reisch, Noelle Keinersdorfer, Isabelle Bähler

Dawood Yousefi
00:00 / 06:38

The Hope Project - 60 euros

Monika Blättler, Daniela Colledani-Suter

Ramin (fake name)
00:00 / 04:32

Kitrinos Healthcare - 845 euros

BachserMärt, Elvira Kraenzlin, Remo Halter, Monika Blättler, Sylvia Gerber, Kathrin Wegmüller, Noelle Keinersdorfer, Julia Dillier, Sonja Sieber, Ana Zbinden, Selina Jäggi, Andrea Rohrer

00:00 / 04:50

SOS Méditerranée - CHF 215

Ann-Sofie Imfeld, Anna Omlin, Jana Burri, Eveline Planzer, Monica Dumoulin, Rilana Stöckli, Stefanie Lüscher, Amanda Matossi

Eva Ostendarp (Schweizerdeutsch)
00:00 / 24:55
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