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Olive Oil from Lesvos

The high quality olive oil from Lesvos does the start. Lesvos is the third largest island in Greece and counts today 11 million olive trees. Some of these olive trees are centuries old. Through the extensive cultivation of the olive groves over several centuries, unique cultural and natural areas have developed on the island. The volcanic origin of the island gives the trees unique nutrients. Unlike on Crete or Kalamata, the olives on Lesvos are still picked by hand.

Both selected olive oils are from the same farmer family. The olives are cold pressed and afterwards mechanically processed. Therefore the olive oil retains its natural flavor, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. Further both oils contain a premium content of polyphenol (approx. 500 mg/kg) and are therefore very valuable for our health due to their strong antioxidant effect. In terms of taste, the olive oil is characterised by a fine strength.

Contrary to the persistent myth, all these quality characteristics just mentioned are not lost by heating and can accordingly be used for sautéing. Not least because of this quality, the Tzortzi's family has been awarded with the most prestigious national and international prizes for over a century. 

All olive oil is sold out. Olive oil from this harvest can be ordered again from the end of August 2021.




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