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Because the high quality olive oil comes from the Island of Lesvos, we help the people there. Choose what you want to support. 20% of your total price (excl. shipping) will go to your chosen division. You can find an overview of the individual projects under Impact. The more financial resources they receive now, the more they can help. 

Unless specifically excluded, your name will be mentioned and visually visible at the next money handover (personal recognition).

The olive oil is sent by the Swiss Post "pro clima". 


3 L organic canister / every 4 months

3 L organic canister / every 4 months


Nefeli - Bio Natives Olivenöl Extra


CHF 10.90 pro Kanister an Deinen Impact!

Price Options
Abo alle 4 Monate
Spare rund CHF 10 pro Flasche!
CHF111.00every 4 months until canceled
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