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Ukraine Crisis

Due to the current war in Ukraine, there is a "Refugees from Ukraine" section until further notice. All those who choose this impact section when buying the olive oil will help the refugees from Ukraine in Switzerland. 20% of the total price goes to the Swiss organisation Campax. 
Campax helps refugees find suitable accommodation in Switzerland. In addition, refugees and hosts are accompanied and supported through telephone counselling or on-site visits to the host families - in particular through translators who improve communication between people. Campax also mobilises volunteers to create a welcoming culture so that the refugees can find their way around Switzerland as quickly as possible. 
Donations are used accordingly for the infrastructure and organisation of these comprehensive tasks. Office space, hotlines as well as the development of an efficient system for the placement of the refugees are financed by donations. The more funding they receive, the greater the support. 
Campax will upload a video at the end of the campaign telling us what they were able to achieve with the money. As with every Impact, the people who did not explicitly exclude "personal recognition" when making their purchase will again be mentioned by name. 
At this point it is worth mentioning that despite the acute and serious crisis in Ukraine, other refugee crises such as the one on Lesbos (Moria 2.0) should not be forgotten. To the olive oil: here.

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