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Nefeli is a social enterprise and was founded at the beginning of 2020. The idea came up a year earlier when Yasin was distributing clothes to the refugees in the Moria refugee camp (today Kara Tepe or Moria 2.0) on Lesvos. Everyone should have the opportunity to do good from home. That with a high-quality product that everyone needs every day anyway!

Ever since Nefeli was founded with social thought in mind, we have maintained a personal and very friendly relationship with the Tzortzi family. 

On the island of Lesvos he lived with a local family who are in close contact with the Tzortzi family. The farming family has been producing their olive oil for four generations. On the island, olive oil is well known for its exceptional quality. Not in Switzerland yet.

In appreciated cooperation with: 


Logistics and warehouse location:
Rütimattli Foundation - Büntenpark workshop
Industriestrasse 4
6060 Sarnen

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