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Olivenöl nicht verfügbar 
6. Februar 2024 bis 22. März 2024

Das “flüssige Gold” wird definitiv zur Rarität. Der Klimawandel wirkte sich auf die diesjährige Ernte aus. Das Problem liegt nicht nur in der Verfügbarkeit, sondern auch in der Qualität. Uns liegt es am Herzen, hier keine Einbussen zu machen, denn wir möchten euch die bekannte Qualität von Nefeli bieten.

Wir arbeiten intensiv an einer Lösung und halten euch weiterhin auf dem Laufenden. Wir hoffen, bald wieder das Nefeli Olivenöl in gewohnter Qualität in der Schweiz anbieten zu können. 
Wenn Du benachrichtigt werden möchtest, sobald das Nefeli Olivenöl wieder lieferbar ist, schreibe

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Impact 2022

There was an impact for the third time in two years. In Impact 2022, a total of CHF 4,080.00 was raised for the selected projects. Thus, since the beginning of Nefeli already CHF 8'625.00 could be handed over. You can find this year's impact in the link below. Thank you for the valuable support!  

More on this: here


Rapattack Festival 2022   (07/14/2022)

Nefeli is at the only hip-hop festival in Central Switzerland! Since 2017, the festival has been held on the Sarner Landenberg in Obwalden. Nefeli will be at the Comedy Night and Rapattack Festival from 28 to 30 July 2022, providing the quality olive oil for Pastarazzi's dishes.  

More about it: here


campax  (03/29/2022)

Nefeli supports Campax. Among other things, Campax helps refugees from Ukraine to find an accommodation in Switzerland. From now on, when ordering, you can select “Refugees from Ukraine” under the impact category. At this point it should be mentioned that despite the acute and serious crisis in Ukraine, other refugee crises such as those on Lesbos (Moria 2.0) should not be forgotten...

More about this: here


Pastarazzi  (03/11/2022)

Nefeli is pleased to announce the collaboration with Pastarazzi. Pastarazzi is a young and dynamic team that will achieve a lot. Nefeli olive oil is now available in their shop in Sarnen or in their online shop... 

More about this: here


claro  (02/27/2022)

Nefeli now also offers the organic olive oil in the Claro world shop in Sachseln. Claro has been committed to fair trade since 1974...

More about this: here

Nefeli youtube.png

Nefeli Video  (12/14/2021)

Nefeli publishes video. In it, the company (social entrepreneur) introduces itself. 

More about this in: Video


Caritas Award (11/13/2021)

Nefeli was nominated for the Young Caritas Award 2021! The award ceremony took place on November 13th at Dynamo Zurich.

More about it: here

Essen für Alle, Zürich_edited.jpg

Essen für Alle  (10/01/2022)

Nefeli donates 99 bottles to Essen für Alle. Under the direction of Amine, the organization distributes basic food and hygiene articles in Zurich every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

More about Essen für Alle: here

Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-03 um 08.31.54.png

Foundation Rütimattli  (09/26/2021)

The Rütimattli Foundation from Obwalden is now taking over the logistics of Nefeli. This means that in the future they will fill the bottles, take orders, pack and ship them.

More about the foundation: here

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-08 um

Radio 3FACH (06/04/2021)

"Yasin Cetin from Obwalden started a social project with Nefeli. He sells olive oil from Lesvos and uses it to aid refugees in Moria."

Full article: here


Obwalden newspaper (04/27/2021)

"It was a spontaneous decision that Yasin Cetin made when he visited the Greek refugee camp Moria in summer 2019. The man from Obwalden helped the refugees on Lesvos."

To the PDF: here


Luzerner Zeitung (04/26/2021)

"It took Yasin Cetin three months to set up his own business. He wants to support the refugees on Lesvos with his online store. The idea came to him while he was helping out on the ground."
Full article: here

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PilatusToday (04/16/2021)

"Founding a company from zero to one hundred in just three months. This is what Yasin Cetin made from Kerns. The student set up an online shop to give refugees on Lesvos a better life..."_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

More on this:here

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